It's 2024, changes happen at an insane pace, everything becomes an aesthetic, the lines between "outsiders" and what is considered mainstream start to blur.
Trends change within hours, everything gets commercialized, individuals starting to speak about algorithms as if they are deities they need to please in order to succeed, and with the rise of A.I these lines also start to blur..

The current times are exciting but also scary af. It's easy to get lost.

Many of us are frustrated, seeing how "investment asset art" is artificially pushed and sold for millions, pieces that most ppl can't even relate to, that need a book of explanation accompanying them just to generate an artificial sense of depth,
whereas people who create out of an urgency, especially non-mainstreamed art, are often invisible to the algorithms on which so much artistic success depends nowadays.

We believe that especially now, more than ever, we need physical spaces where we can experience art, raw and real, bringing local artists and citizens together.

We feel that there is a crave for art that is closer to our reality than the hyper-abstracted, meta-concepts that are currently dominating the "artworld".

Art can also act as bridge for communication and getting together, something more important than ever in a time of increasing enstrangement and loneliness.
We also want to put artistic expression into focus as something accessible to everyone.

We are convinced art and these cultural spaces have an important role to play in Dresden, now more than ever, to act as counterweight to the current political mainstream.